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Zillow Walk-Through Video Tour

Listings with video walkthroughs are given a significant boost in Zillow's search algorithm, resulting in more views and more saves. Search order is largely based on the user's preferences (desired home price and location), but the only way to increase your listing's ranking as an agent is by adding video. In addition, each time a video is uploaded to Zillow an email notification is sent to potentially hundreds of buyers - any Zillow user who has saved a listing in the area of the home. This email lets them know that a video has been uploaded to a home in the area and invites them to take a look. These benefits from Zillow add greater visibility to your listing and help you find more qualified buyers, as you'll be talking with buyers who can watch a video of the home before contacting you and using your time. In this year's top trends report, Zillow found that 45% of Millennial and Gen Z buyers find watching a recorded video of a home very or extremely important.

WHY OUR ZILLOW WALK-THROUGH TOURS ARE BETTER: A traditional Zillow WTT is shot using the Zillow app on your iPhone. From there, the video is uploaded directly to Zillow where they will take the file for their website and you no longer have access. Our Zillow tours are shot, cut to music and meticulously edited. We will send you your *own* copy of the file for you to distribute whatever way you feel necessary. This includes Facebook, Instagram, MLS, Youtube, company websites, etc. As always, it will also be sent to Zillow (by us) to be uploaded and attached to your listing to receive all the benefits provided by Zillow.

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